Friday, September 14, 2007

football fiesta!

Football frenzy this weekend again.. as we look at a few major leagues!...

the heart pumping week is back after a week break from the leagues as players were playing a role for their beloved country.

Below are some match selected that are interesting to watch and place a small amount of bet on it.

"its just a reference"

Tigger's Asian Odds

15/9 02.30am dortmund V werder bremen 0 - 0

21.30pm Bayern Munchen V Schalke 0 - 3/4

19.00pm Everton V Man Utd 1/2 - 0

19.45pm Portsmouth V Liverpool 3/4 - 0

20.30pm Tottenham V Arsenal 1/4 - 0

22.00pm Sunderland V Reading 0 - 1/4

Here are some Good games this weekend ..starting from tomorrow.. Saturday 15/9/2007

the hype is good and the wind is changing!..

Predictions would be out tomorrow 1 hr before the match starts.

visit us @ for more tipsters predictions.

Please bet with care as the boll is round and it might roll to any sides..

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