Wednesday, September 05, 2007

wee wee morning.

hie...good morning to all of u.. ! its 1.04am and i am not Snuggling on my bed yet!..

something horrible just happend to me.. i got a Saman Ticket for parking outside a coffeeshop @ 11.50 PM. and its my first Ticket i got in my entire life.! Now thats bad ...

How can Idoits DOGS work so late in the night? and the best part is I tried to stop him from issuing it. here it goes the scenario ---->

ME " hey boss! stop! i'm coming "

The DOG- ignore- standing in front of my car

Me - beside The DOG" Boss what's wrong ?"

DOG" Awak park kereta di depan restaurant u tahu?"

Me- " yes i know.. but its so late already, and everyone is doing it.."

DOG" so if people all go rob bank, u also follow?"

Me " erm.. N0.. "

DOG " then.... ( idoit was still standing there and writing on the saman without any ink on it )

Me " so can dont issue? can help ? "

DOG " sorry u are too late...cant u see i am already writing.."

Me --------??????? har??? there isnt anything written on the paper..........

DOG" u see boy, if i have already written ...its Very hard to un issue u ..ok ! " but there are other ways for it to be done.... understand? "

Me - got so pissed off...coz he was acting like an !@#!%$^#^%^%#$ . so i told him if u want to issue ..Please do it quick....! i am in the middle of having my supper.

DOG - " *look stunned...* * in his head.. why this boy never beg me leh??"

then he said " its okay its only rm 70 .... u look like u can afford it..

Me - well... then just issue me and i am going back to finish up my supper.....


the morale of this story is - never give them any side income..if they are acting like a king and wants u to beg them! its only 70... rite.. u give him also at least 50.. then give him the cash to go fuck around....

!!! it just made my day brighter!!!

tomorrow go buy 4 D.. ! hehe. maybe can strike! hehe

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