Saturday, June 14, 2008

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Such a wonderful weekend, i had! its wonderful. Finally its like holiday again. very relaxing weekend. =)

Sun, Sea, Wind and also hotels! GReat way to run away from Work.. =) STREAM!

What am i talking about?

its the New Honda Stream Road show! took the weekend to join the Crew for this latest baby! will update bout the STREAM sooon...too lazy to update that now..+ the pictures!

Bought lots of DVDs! lots of Series! so excited! can watch DVD's @ home after works! so i dont have to waste time and money over beers! its the time of the year to start saving monies =)

Having lots of sleep, having lots of Euro! and having lots of thinkingS! and thats good! i love it!

Petrol prices ARe really mad! its really painful now that it has increase bout 37% of normal price. And i mean its mad!!

Looking at the petrol pump - can be a real stress problem. hmmmmmmmph and the government wants to increase it even more? thats FUKKed up! And being so nice, they are reimbursing our road taxes..

Look -

normal i think its about 400 for road tax, now they give u back 600.

lets do the maths = 600-400
= 200 nett

that means in actual fact they are only saving us RM200, which many of us would equals about one and a half tank of petrol.

Now they are saying that they understand our pains and blah blah blah... whats 200 for one year? ...

so dont be too excited that they give us RM600! alrite~!

now that oil prices has increase, food has increase, alcohol increase, ciggrattes increase, drinks increase, and every other things will be increased! as they will be saying that they need higher costs for transportation of every other stuffs! D@MN!


What about our salaries??

increase!!!! nope. Dont think it will! sigh.

Dont think about the increment as yet as your bosses might inform you.So thats the latest fact in life.

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