Thursday, November 05, 2009

seeing the life

dreaming the life.
seeing the life.

so many gaps to fill before the dream life can be achieved. the road to the top is really difficult when financial is the problem. always finding methods to up the ante. roads are always long and dark, thats why we alkways face new obstacles in life. we need a light...from above to show us the way. babytt has aalways been a risk taker.. never once a soft person. always pushing pushing,.. never stop !

needed to make the miracles before december 2009. and at the start of 2010, hopefully a better life can be seen before hand. all of this will depends on the movement this month, november 2009.

alot of things would change whether if its up or down. both have the similar differences in life.

lets move the life and change it! with all fingers cross.

with lots of baby love

babytt ! hugs!

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