Sunday, November 08, 2009

Super sunday

today is one of the greatest sunday i have ever had, due to the extreme relaxing day i am having. no work today, its been a very long time since i dont have to work on sundays..and today i took it and riding the sunday funtastically!

no work means no work! dont even think about it! i am not going to work today! so F off! muahaha!

sleep more than 15 hours today! and its so energy charging! feels like my battery has been recharged! saturday was a great day and relax! now i finally get back the feeling of a weekend! even for today as 1 day.. i am contented!

sipping my fav...caffe latte @ starbucks once again! thats what i ussually do during the weekends! feels GREAT!!! i am happpy!

with lots of baby love from babytt!

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