Wednesday, March 25, 2009

babytt is doing something big tonight at 8pm

babytt is going to do yet another biggie thing tonight @ 8pm. hopefully babytt dont make any mistake tonight, as it will mark a flow of stress after 8pm tonight.

in 2009 February, babytt did something huge, like....having a babygirl, and now in march 2009, babytt is yet again going to take another leap of faith, trying to change babytt's future. So lets see what would the outcome be after tonight @ 8pm.

Nothing much to disclose at this very moments, as the plans for the next coming year would heavily depends on how babytt is going to handle it after tonight. And here we are talking about commitment and financials and also stress margins.

*change is what babytt need*
*Luck plays an even bigger role*

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