Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday the 19th of MArch 2009

thursday 19th march 2009.

today is a day that i feel like sleeping continenously and uncountable hours. i just feel so tired and restless. probably its the amount of coffee that i have been consumng recently. Sometimes i even feel hard to breathe.Caffeine level rose up high recenly. Avid fan of coffee - illy and starbucks- but when i dont drink coffee i dont feel that my day is complete. So thats why, i think coffee needs a break and for me to consume something other than coffee to maintain a healtier life. Was thinking of Yogurt drinks or VitagenS! hmmmpie...

I cant wait for a holiday getaway! which is a few more weeks time... that would be the time to parteeie!*i like*

**00** goobbles!

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