Friday, December 18, 2009

christmas is coming to town!

happy! christmas is coming and the new year is also just around the corner! wootS!
have been very busy lately and lost from the blogger world. so tired running around daily!

just back from bali...for a 3 days 2 night holiday! pretty fun and awesome! can u imagine, i decided to go to bali on friday night and booom! saturday morning i am there! magical! really something ha! no planning holiday! muahaha! just fly there and see how! but it turns out nice! really nice!

relaxing! 2 days of spa and massage just what i needed to relax a lil. more than a chill pill i would say, as it makes me refresh ! muackies to BALI! woootS!

next destination - HANOI , vietnam on new year eve 2009! would spend 1/1/2010 @ HANOI! WOOOOOH! I 'M JUST LOVING THE HOLIDAY SESSIONS! HERE WE GO ! HANOI! VIETS! I AM COMING TO YOUR TOWN! HUU HUU!!

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