Thursday, December 31, 2009

decisions in life, how it change things

have u ever made a wrong decision, that u regret now?

but back then you taught it was the right way to go and the best way to achieve things... so u journey the path of the unseen...and now you regret the decision. so how? what can we do about it? since the decision is already there before and now its time to recover from the wrong decision. and depends how we handle our cases and move on. there are so many decisions that we once made and turn sour...

heard of the sentence " make lemonade out or lemons!" if they give u lemons in life, then make the best out of the lemons! and turn them back into something special.

new receipe in life! and thats the right attitude we need to apply.

i am very sure many of u have made regrettables decisions! and now sour for it! but lets add sugar and turn them great!

sugar and spice makes everything alright!

why we made those stupid decisions? BECAUSE we were young and naive! just things that everything will drop from the sky and things are just so simple! shit! nothing is simple anymore! after the walks of life i have been, i now understands nothing is easy, FREE or rewarding! so think 3000000times more before we do something or a decision that is required. just think carefully and weigh the pro and con of that decision!

baby tt loves you

muackies! from vietnam, hanoi

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