Wednesday, December 23, 2009

silver christmas

been about the hardest life ever in my 24 years old. everything seems hard and barriers in life has increase tremendously. this year, it seems like nothing is EASY anymore.

nothing comes simple in my life this year. 2009 has make me mad almost every week. week in and week out only thing i can see is hardship! hardship! wondering when my ship can sail smoothly. when will it happen?

many things changed this year, and the changes that came i have never imagine in my life. have to stay strong and be strong, as there are alot of evil people outside, trying their best to give me a lifetime bomb! just waiting to explode me , whenever they can!

shish... trying to just make my life this year! come on! give me a break! i am human u know..

2009 ... is the poorest year i am engaging! lets wait till 2010 comes, and hope it give a better start off! fly me to the moon! over the rainbow and into the sky!

fingers cross and praying within!

with lots of love baby tt

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