Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chinese Valentines day

Happy Chap Goh Mei! It indicates the final day of Chinese New Year. If I am not mistaken, CGM is also the Chinese Valentines day. Where singles will throw mandarin oranges to the river and hope that their dream guy / girls will come to them this year.

P/s- those who are single my advise for u is to throw as many mandarin oranges as possible to the river. The more u do it, the higher possibility that it will happen right!

So fast this Chinese new year is ending already, and I still don’t get to feel the excitement of this festive season after 13 days of CNY. So Weird ! Where is all those festive mood of mine? Lost in the world of my career. All I know nowadays is EAT, SLEEP, WORK, EAT and SLEEP. Sigh, it has all gone to the river this time.

Its getting Fit time! Yes I mean it. Its fit and fit time! I know I am oversized throughout last year till now. So the tide and time has come for me to Fix my body and appearances. Will eat less, eat Vitamins, Less oily food, No FAST food, Skip breakfast daily, no soft drinks, no snacks, Minus the sweets and also trying to find time for Gymmmmmmmmm.

Just an update, I had lost 1.7 kg this month of February, due to the lack of sleep, late night working, no more supper, and also eating a lot lesser that I used to do And it works!
Will keep up this set of rules to try to get back my fit self!. And its making me look older and matured. I feel so old in this body of mine now..therefore it’s the time of the year again that I need to re evaluate my body size. Will update on my progress at the end of next month… hopefully its fitter not Fatter!.

I wanna hit the Gym., anyone interested to get fit with me?? Come on , by end of march I would be exercising myself @ the Gym!

Just an update – I have been working since yesterday the 20/02/2008 @ 10am till now, which is more than 24 hours working non stop!... and I only slept for 48mins in my beautiful car cushion. Fabulous!

8.03am sleep till 8.52am
Change my clothes and took a breakie, then I’m back in the office already!
9.30am, Working again and again, cutting queries and also fixing up the files. Manager wants the file as soon as possible.
* I feel like a Zombie and so frustrated.*

Till now working!!!! 9am. FREE from work! Ahha


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