Thursday, February 14, 2008


Wishing my readers a joyful, warm, happy and colorful Valentines Day, Feb 14, 2008.

* Don’t u think that valentines day is being over rated in today’s society? Well I think it is. Its just another day in the year that prices of almost everything will be hiked up. From Food to Roses, Presents to Accessories. Prices of flowers can be as high as triple on this special one day event that many couples, soon to be in relationships, and married people would splash lots of money from their savings to buy presents, fine dining and other stuffs to make their partner happy!.

If u actually love a person, everyday is valentines day. You don’t need a Special Date in the Calender to remind u that u love your partner. Rite? If u really need a special day to remind u of how much u love ur partner, then u better start thinking if he or she is wasting their time on You.

There is this friend of mine , told me just the other day that a lot of her single girlfriends are wishing for people to dedicate songs, buying them flowers, making a date with them, and even dedicating those public Valentines day card to them @ colleges. I think they will be blushing the whole week if something like that were to happen on Valentines Day for them!. Good Luck and All the best, hope u girls can get something from some of the guys @ college!

There is a phrase that people always say , “ If u wish for something very hard, it normally doesn’t happen”, but “ if u don’t wish for it, normally things will just go your way”.

0o0o00ooo00ooo0000h, u know what’s the best part of Valentines Day this year? Can u guess???

Awwwwh.. your wrong, I’ll be working @ my clients place till late, as usual.!! Haha!! That’s how I’m going to Spend my Valentines Day this year, with my laptop, a calculator, lots of pens, tons of papers & files and also with 7 other colleagues, which 2 of them happen to be married, 5 of them being females with boyfriends who are also too busy working. So this is our Valentines day special for Auditor.!

I short message to my Auditing friends out there, don’t be too sad working on valentines day, it ok, we all suffer the same fate working @ our clients offices till late on this special day, like I say, we can alwis have valentines day everyday!! So be happy and try not to feel so bored like me when I’m working late! Cheerios! Life suxs being an auditor.

For those singles out there, don’t be sad or despair, its ok being single, just wait patiently and concentrate on ur studies / work, ur love partner will eventually appear in front of u soon..

Quote “ Don’t go worry , every little thing is going to be alright!”
Current mood – Negative.. headache..hate my life.

Happy Valentines

The End

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