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Year of the Rat, 2008 with Jay Chou!Kungfu Dunk

Chinese new year has finally begun! Lets celebrate the year of the Rat 2008 with lots of happiness. Fun filling Chinese new year!! And I can’t take extra LEAVE!!! Only the normal Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

It has been a very busy 1 month and 6 day of this new year. Haven really have enough of rest this year, as I am really tied up with my work. It’s Peak Period in the world of auditing and its been really madness with the working hours. Besides that, was busy coordinating the UTH fest ( jay chou movie promotions) and also the latest FEST – Fashion, Entertainment, Sport and Technology platform. The UTH FEST on the 02/02/2008 was the first birth event for UTH, there will be many more UTH fest coming around the year. Do hope u guys enjoyed that afternoon of fun, wackies, funkee and also Jay Chou madness!

I hate my Job!! Its so tiring, boring, sick, sucks, horrible, and many other awful words u can think of. I have to drag my self to work everyday and when I’m @ work I feel so upset, coz I am more suitable in working in Events not auditing!.

Sigh.. its life, I guess, we cant get what we want and how we want it to happen. The more u dislike it the more it will come and get u!.

Here is the updates!
Summary of the UTH Fest:-

It’s a really funkee day, as there were a lot of teenagers participating in the contest that were held. Teens were there as early as 8am that day just to be the first 30 teams to sign up in order to redeem limited edition of Mamee Funkee Jay Chou t-Shirt!. There were also a long line of teens waiting patiently to get the Kungfu Dunk poster that was given out free to our Malaysia Today readers. Due to the limitation of posters, some teens were really sad and heart broken because they can’t manages to get the posters. Many 3on3 basket ball teams were practicing and warming up their skills @ basket ball courts specially created for them.

There were also participants practicing their singing for the What ur Rhythm contest at the backstage. As for the t-shirt design contests, the participant were wearing their unique design attire and walking all around the central park to give other teenagers a glimpse of their proud designs.

There were a lot of sponsors who were participating in this event , mainly are Mamee Funkees, Anglia Shandy, Cinema online, E-move, Spotlight, Arimino, 8 Tv, Liang, Zero Nine, and many more were giving freebies away to teens. There were even Kungfu Dunk movie tickets for the premier up for grabs @ the Cinema online booth.

Fashion show by Converse, Hair show by Arimino, local celebs like Karen kong, Serene, Liang(took pic too), Point Blank ( took a pic with him!), Kenny Sia (pic too) Hapkundo martial art academy was there too!.

This is one huge event that is very fun to be in!. Besides the point that Jay chou special appearance, the fans and teenagers were upbeat even though it was raining heavily throughout the afternoon. Car show was n display too, the best part of the car show was when one of the driver educating us that his car can light up cigarettes, He was showing us that his car can be a flame thrower too….!! If u were there u would be very amaze.
Drifting skills was also portrayed by the skill full drivers! Similar to the Drift king – initial D! too bad Jay dint perform drifting for us to view!

When the time Jay arrived, fans were going nuts and they are all so anxious in meeting him on stage. But Jay ‘s arrival was far like a VVVVVIP , 50 bodyguards, 4 police escort, 3 MPV, and he was in a Mercedes Benz. Such a Grand SuperStar!.
Update u guys in further details soon. Have fun viewing the pictures too!

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Event pictures update for the Jay Chou , UTH Fest @ one utama Central Park, KL.

Was a very successful event. Crowds were going nuts, Fans were going Crazy, Bystanders are getting piss coz we closed the entire road, and Sponsors + Partners were getting lots of funs!

Even the Heavy Rain cant stop the crowds from entertaining themselves!

There were lots of

They are all here just to see me!! ( i WISH) hehe..!

Really like this picture!.. of Jay.!

ARent they just so good looking Plus they are YENG! Jay Chou Roxxxx

hehehe...woi..dont so busy chatting ma.. all ur fans are here to look @ you! so Come on Cheer with the fans!!

Below is the Car that our Favourite SuperStar was in that day @ the UTH fest, jay chou was being greeted like our prime minister on the 02/02/2008.

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