Friday, February 01, 2008

kungfu dunk

In a few more hours all the fuss about the UTH Fest will finally commence @ 0ne utama –Central Park Avenue. The event will begin from 10 am onwards! Let all Fun Break Loose and Have a Blasty Fun Time partying @ the UTH Fest!.

Bring your family, friends, love ones, aunty, uncle, babies, kids, pets to this ever so happening even tomorrow morning alrites!

Did I mention before that our Local Blogger will be there? Aaah… ever famous MR. Kenny Sia! He will be there too! Get up close and personal with him.

Local celebrities will be participating in this event are Liang, Karen Kong, Point Blanc, babytigger( ha..i wish) and many more! Let them entertain you and most importantly u gets to see them in persons!

A small reminder, Please Bring Your Camera, Wear more attractive and put on a nice perfume ( you never know if u might meet the guy or girl of ur dream there) =) Cheerios.

And for those who are participating in the 3 on 3 basket ball competition, I would like to wish all of you a very Good Luck and Play FAIR ok.. it’s a healthy competition. Don’t go and hurt other players within the competition Rite!.

OOOO0000oooo000h. there are Free T-shirts for your participating Team too.. So, Be the first 30 teams to register tomorrow and u will get this freebies for FOC!. One tee-shirt per player. Means 3 shirts for 3 players absolutely FREE!!

There are the other 3 more competitions too – GOOD LUCK, so get some sleep tonight and perform to the highest standard! And Pray that god will assist you in your game tomorrow!.

Remember when u are coming to the central park avenue, please look around and u will definitely notice 50 high flying Poster a.k.a Buntings @ every possible Light Post and Steel rods. Do u know that it was me and my crew who did the Posters? (will update on the happenings of the posters in the next few days.)

Want to know what time Jay Chou is going to arrive at the venue? Which route he is taking to the venue and hotel that he is staying? Buzz Me.. and I’ll let u know a the lil secret!.

See you guys there tomorrow! I will be there from 8am onwards. You can buzz me too..!

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