Monday, February 16, 2009


Baby tigger’s point of view, on people who camwhores.. better English word to say is people who like taking pictures of themselves every possible moment when they are in a chirpy mood. I generally think that its really a very interesting to do when u are happy and it just makes u look back at those pictures and just giggles at how u look when u are having all those fun times. Tigger think all those who camwhore are fun and likeable people. They are more open minded and just seems to understand the meaning of FUN. =Fun Unlimited Nature. Thumbs up for all those who camwhores! Whether ur a male or female. =) UP ! up! Thumbs!

Maybe I should start to camwhore just a lil, but too bad, not that good looking I guess, that’s why I am so reluctant to do those..=) * Sweat!**

-=- 10 things I need to do starting today -=- Changes -=-

EAT less!
PowerPuff less!
Hit the Gym – was thinking of joining kick boxing
Work triple hard
Get a new hair cut
Add items to my room
Minus all the madness of cracking jokes
Minus all the nightlife activities
Add more knowledge – start the hobby of reading
Reduce expenditures
Apply the blockage on movement in bank for 2 months.

There u go, 10 things I want to do starting from today, so lets see how many can I strike it off by the end of next month. AlriiiiiteS!

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