Saturday, February 14, 2009


Valentines day is just a few more hours away, Valentines day is a day where people who are in loved or about to be in love will express out all their feelings to the other half. No matter if you’re a girl or a guy, this day is the time where u tell them how much u adore them and want them to know that u are willing to be their power and support them. For those who are already in a relationship its time to reconfirmed your love for your darlings, tell them u love them even more than last year, and tell them that you will continue to love and respect this relationship. This can really spice up the current relationship, coz its really a day to celebrate the time together.

As for those who are single, this might be just the day to express ur feelings to the one u have been ever wanting for such a long long time, never try never know. Even if its just words, but it paints your heart out to the other one. So what are u waiting for? Go and get ready a speech, or better still just express every single word that has been in your mind for time can tell.

Babytigger knows that, everyday should be valentines, but I also need you to understand that its always great to add some sugar and spice in the relationships. Its like we don’t need a day to remind us of the one we love so much, but then again February the 14th is a day where the whole world is celebrating their love. So why not share the love around on the 14th of February. But don’t forget that everyday is valentines day for those who are in a relationship We should and ought to love our partners more and more as the days goes by, its like a pot of soup, where the longer its being boiled, the more tasty it is. Don’t ever FORGET that we are being in a relationship because we truly love each other and not just for the FUN of being together ya! Don’t make mistakes that would ruin your relationships! Sometimes even the smallest mistakes for you, is actually a very huge mistake for your partner. You never taught of your other halves feelings, and being together requires a lot of trust and loyalty, it not this would not be as a single entity. Really, if u don’t believe me, look back into your own relationship, find the times u fight, breakup, piss off and frustrated. Inside this examples, which of the time u all experience it because of a really small problem? And which of them are really big issues? Come on, be honest. A lot of people who are in a relationships just take things for granted, and always think they know how to cover up those lies, and betrayals, but again a nice warning, nothing can be covered. Not even if only u and the other person knows, it will be sooner or later before it gets out and let your other half finds out about it. Many many people I ‘ve seen, always taught they know how to cover their tracks, but those are the people who usually ends up with nothing. Yes, I have to admit if 2 person are inloved with each other there are bound to be forgiveness, but don’t PUSH it. Coz its not sunny every day . Or so to say its not every day the same....

Relationships are meant to be happy! And happy means more love, and more love means more feelings, more feelings means more extra ordinary happiness, means more muackies, more muackies means more……….. =)

Anyway…. Hurry don’t wait up anymore! Go and spend a great valentines day together with ur lovey dovey partner!

Happy Valentines day to all my readers! Happy Valentines! Hope u all enjoy a great 24hours of this love and be love moments.

Warmest love from baby tigger, I love u , u love me, we are happy family.

*14th February Lets make a difference* Get ur FAT ass up and start rocking the day! Its LOVE day ! LOVE ! * wishes all the people in this world to celebrate a great valentines day*

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Would you be my valentine?

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