Friday, February 06, 2009

strings of life.

Permanently psycho in the world of lunatics. There just too many things that is going round and round in our everyday life. You cant stop things from moving as the world is moving around the universe every 24 hours. But as days goes by, more unfortunate events are occurring, that is causing this world to collapse. Some are putting the blame on bad economy, some are complaining about bad leaderships, some about the war @ gaza, some about the weathers, some about their peers, some about everything else. A lot of people are living a life with dreams but never near to fulfill it. Some are living a with cash filled everyday, some are not even having food and shelter. So how are these problems going to be solve?


Unrealized throughout the day that there are lots of things that can be done in 24 hours not just completing it, but to have work in progress. Today I realized that a lot of people are always happy, at least those around me, I feel they are always cheerful and have a smile on their faces. Seems just too easy to smile/ or even just being happy. A lot of people love to dress up to make them self happy in the first thing they do every morning. Or maybe the make up. Or shower or just even a cuppa of coffee. Just the kick start their life. Even the older one’s are gleaming with sheer spirits that makes they smile or light hearted. Simply simple. I do envy them for having such good moods all day long, I mean less just not talk about their un happy moments, but averagely they are =) .

Most likely is because they have simple minds. Simple. Not so complicated. Those with complicated minds are also those who have complicated relationships. Coz they are just too UNsimple. Therefore people with simple minds are often people who knows how to enjoy themselves freely. They have simple homes(which is just comfortable enough), simple wants( which can fulfill them daily), simple free (which they don’t stress so much over other stuffs) .. I mean, its really great to have everything simple. I am always in a complicated mind, maybe coz when I was young I fell and hit my head on the cement stairs, which caused a big bum on my head! So ……its never simple anymore, most likely the veins are hay wired! Cress cross like a lump of fur ball! No wonder things cant just be easy and simple. Its always hard and complicated!

Its no good!

Try to have a simple mind alright don’t over pull any of ur strings..coz it might just get tangled.

Muackies. Baby tigger

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