Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chelsea - Scolari, Guus

Chelsea has sacked yet another coach, Scolari is out to the dead end of Chelsea realms. Now Chelsea a team that was once a magnificent team has no coach, like a car without an engine, or a body without a head. How can they progress on till the end of the season?....

I generally like Chelsea players a lot, and the club as well, but not till they sacked Jose Mourinho – And after that they haven’t shown the spirit to fight as they once did. Even Avram Grant did not impress me with the strategies and line up. As for the other competitors fans, like Arsenal, Aston Villa, Liverpool and Manchester united – they must have such a huge relief that now they can really capitalized on the lost of a coach @ Stamford Bridge! One less competitior for the title race. But I strongly belief, they can still do pretty well till the end of the year. Honestly I think that if the players are happy with each other and still have the crave. They can still succeed, even without a manager. Cause all they need is just to have a good line up and start passing the ball more creatively, just like they always do, I mean. All a manager could do is to formularized a formation out, but the rest depends on the players itself, so Chelsea should just stick to those formation that Jose left behind @ Chelsea and start to play FOOTBALL instead of just running around the field like donkeys!

If baby tigger was hired to coach Chelsea temporary, I can assure success will come! So Roman Abramovich why don’t u come down to Malaysia and interview me! I have great coaching experiences, as I have been playing Fifa, winning eleven and also the European cups for at least 10 years and I am still doing it. So what are u still waiting for … cAll me! Head hunt me back to Stamford bridge, I will show u the meaning of the BEAUTIFUL GAME.

*don’t hire Guus Hiddink, he sucks! Hire babytigger better!, young blood!*

*evidence by chelsea cruising 3-1 over watford this morning... hattrick by Anelka!

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