Monday, February 02, 2009

thousand words

Migraine is one heck of a pain that can cause you to just stop! Baby tigger is having a heck heck migraine that is almost killing him everyday, tigger is losing focus and feeling sulky. Body movement is slower and eyes are starting to ache. Seems like health of babytigger is going with the flow of the drain, just seems impossible to be healthy, popping pills like ecstasy! Feeling medicated every Every every day. Pills are my next best friend that I love caressing it in my intestines! Muahaha! Sexy! Steamy ! and seductive. What am I talking about…. Its just the migraine pills and the current migraine that I am encountering gua.. so yeah forgive me if I am writing a little off the track today alrite!

-just wanted to send out a warning message to all working class people! –
Don’t Don’t Don’t ever fake a Medical certificate! Coz your company human resource department actually do call your doctor to verify your authenticity of the medical leave and also the reason for your MC. and sure as hell it is very dangerous if you like to fake ur mc! so be careful, my colleague got caught ! and de promoted and also warning letter was sent out! She was being a hero by faking her MC ….faking meaning she was creating her self the MC I heard she change the dates of her previous MC and photocopied it and gave it to HR. and Geng Geng ! she got caught till she had to admit that she fraud the MC out by herself ……!!!

Now u see… don’t try to outsmart the company by creating ur own documents! There are bound to be someone sniffing up your ass! Just a friendly warning to yoyoyoall!

Do u think dreams and vision can actually come true? Could it materialized? All of us have the weirdest dreams and vision that a lot of other people would be telling you that ur just crazy and it doesn’t work that way.. and it’s a stupid dream! It’s just a Vision! Come on ! – this would be the normal reply by your own peers.

But I dare to ask, when the first person who created electricity during the olden days, did his peers think he was crazy? Or stupid?

When the first person to create an automobile, did his own parents or friends / strangers think he is NUTS?

When the first person who created computer, did people have that weird look on their faces, when they heard that that Idiot is creating it?

When they started a fast food business, did people think that it is not worth it? Not healthy or its just another stupid dream?

When the first person who created clothes, did their peers think that is madness? Cant we just wear leaves or just be naked?

When the first person who created watch, did peep made funny comments?

When the first person who created condoms, did people find it unnecessary??

When the first person to created GOOGLE, did anyone condemned the idea?

-=-a lot of wise people once told me, no matter what others think about ur idea, or saying that it’s the stupidest idea in the world, who are they to give such comment, Did they ever tried it before? Could they foresee the impact of your idea? Did they ever be able to predict the future?

Don’t care what others say, IF U BELIEVE THAT IT WILL WORK, then just go and do it. Trust me, ten people who made bad comments, are the people that will never succeed, this is because they don’t even have the brain to begin with to think of such ideas or even see such visions.!

eVeryone in the world can say NO! but u..and only u must not say no and keep giving urselt the confidence
In making it work! Coz only u truly knows what ur head is thinking. -=-=-

Just felt like blogging an entry today, so yeah… want to say a lot more but cant think of anything to say coz brain also jammed!

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