Monday, April 13, 2009

Francis francis X6 espresso! babytt loving it!

Sporting this FrancisFrancis! in your kitchen will give you a hint of what it feels like to park an Italian race car in your driveway - only the X6 Trio is probably within your budget. The slick style of the semi-automatic espresso machine is once again courtesy of renowned Italian architect Luca Trazzi. Yet the machine’s creators have not sacrificed function for fashion, as the X6 includes innovations designed to give you ultimate control of your espresso experience.

The Trio earns its name for the three types of espresso drinks you can brew with just the turn of the wrist. After locking the portafilter into the brew group, you can choose whether you want a regular shot or two variations. By keeping the portafilter handle to the left, you will brew a lungo, or a long shot with a milder taste. This setting is clearly indicated on the brew group by the large cup symbol. The medium size cup marks the setting for a standard size espresso, while the small-cup setting farthest to the right will brew a ristretto, or a short shot with a stronger taste. Whatever your preference, measuring and cleanup will never slow you down. The X6 portafilter is equipped to work with the ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) system. The ESE uses a pre-packaged, single shot of espresso to help ensure a golden shot of espresso every time. The brass composition of the portafilter, brew group, and boiler also help achieve the ideal taste by retaining maximum heat. In addition, this first-rate material reduces wear and tear on the machine.

Like the dashboard on your dream car, the front control panel is classy and easy to read. A temperature gauge is front and center and shows when the proper temperature for brewing or steaming has been reached. Three push buttons control the power, brew function, hot water dispenser and steam wand, and a green light and short beep sound help alert you to when the X6 is ready to brew or steam. The beep also functions as a warning signal if you forget to stop the brew and water function. An easy-to-grip knob on the right side of the machine controls both the hot water dispenser and steam function. To give you maneuverability when frothing specialty drinks or dispensing hot water, the stainless steel steam wand rotates 360 degrees, and a helpful auto-refill function allows for continuous steam when making several cappuccinos or lattes in a row.

When entertaining is a priority, the X6 has the looks and tools you need to create a buzz among your guests. Yet making great espresso drinks at home provides satisfaction even when brewing for a party of one. And after you buy the X6, you will still have something left to start saving for that Ferrari.

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