Wednesday, April 22, 2009

mad house

today i saw a very mad person. location - undisclose.

he is a very young chinese boy, at his age of maybe 19-21.keep begging people to let him sleep @ other peoples premises. Accoding to the staffs, he has been wondering around the last few days.

looking at him, he has clothes and a proper specs, but he doest talk, just showing sign language of him wanting to sleep. Maddness!

Why would he do such a thing? i mean he looks pretty well normal kid. I guess he is lost...

maybe its because of his family problems? running away kid? or maybe cause of love? coz he does seem to have money. flashing his maybank card and his dressing doesnt seem like he is homeless kid.. or maybe he works in a mad company. which causes employees to go mad!... needless to say, there are many of you who knows what i'm talking about...coz when a company doest love its employees, they do tend to go crazy whacky! its true!

so pls what ever reason it is, dont go and do something mad or be MAD alright!

babytt 2 cents

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