Friday, April 17, 2009

sundane..sunday! super sunday!

today marks the last day of a lovely weekend. and tomorrow starts a fresh day of mundane! lots of us will end up @ offices or classes! but there are many that would end up sleeping plus shopping tomorrow! *those are the people that have wonderful life!*

tonight another big match... MANCHESTER UNITED v everton @ wembley ! english FA cup! so whose going to win it! odds are 3/4.... babytt nicks MANCHESTER to win this! so lets just see @ 11pm afterwards! glory glory!

besides football, would like to extend my feelings to the people i know, i am grateful and i love u. thanks for eeverything and all the support! thanks!

things are starting to pick up, and i cant wait tuesday! operations starts on tuesday! wootS! shall see how a good operation it would be! fingers crosszz!

coffee is the daily happy pill that babytt loves!


have a good last few hours of sunday!

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