Tuesday, May 19, 2009

decisions in life - the hardest thing! babytt 2cents!

the harderst part in one's life is making decisions, we are always faced with decision making scenarios every other day or every other hours in our life. so many decisions to make, but there is only one right decision. for example, either we turn left or we turn right, either we say yes or we say no.

Only a 50% game decision that would turnout to be a good decision. thus, we always have dilemas over wrong decisions.

We also tend to think alot of our decision before making one. when we are thinking about it, the pros and cons, we get stress up! and we get frustrated. Rite? yea!

so the next hour u need to make a decision, just walk away to a quiet place, have a clear mind, then make a decision! dont worry too much, coz adversely what we make today will give us an answer in the coming future. so yeah. Human BEANS when situated at a peaceful area, would be bound to make better decisions! so lets not allow interuptions to our future decisions!

*peaceful mind is a powerful mind*
this is babytt's 2 cents on decision making and how to make the best out of the worst!


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