Wednesday, May 27, 2009

what is frustration...

frustration is when there is just so many things smacking at your lovely face one after another. as if a mad person is slaping your FACE!! flap flap flap flap!

now thats what i call frustration! just so emo till u cant think properly, and thats the time where u need to rest and relax, but if frustrations continues, its hard to even think clearly! u know what i mean??

recently babytt here is having alot to think about and there are just too many obstacles in front of me! all trying to stress me up ! even more!

i wanna find PEACE. can babytt plead to the world to give babytt some peace!

i'll continue the war later! this babytt General, needs to have PEACE! before babytt can fight the world!

very very bored over frustrations! help!

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