Monday, May 18, 2009

Ozone therapy

i need a therapy now! i need a head therapy, body therapy and also a heart therapy~!!

why ? coz i am in a lot of pain, coz of insufficient sleep! too many people annoying me! too many people to meet!! too little time to use in one day!! too many people taking things for granted and too many people just acting dumb so that others have to clean the Shiit up! sighness!

where is my hero when i need one! where are you! come and take me to a better place., far away from all these nonsense! i need a break! maybe i should get a kit kat! * have a break have a kit kat!* booohooo! =) marvelous!

i may need a fire extinguisher to cool me down! ice bar would be great too!

*with love*

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