Monday, May 04, 2009

its been so long since i blog

sorry to say that baby tt has been busy bumping like a bee! or u can say worst than a bee!! maybe coz baby tt is a tigger thats why have to hop all around the town recently.

so many appointments to attend and so many fustration to handle! baby tt forsees the next few months would be more fun and enjoying! coz of the new born babytigger!

babytigger will be born so sooon that i cant wait for it to happen! the date of birth has yet been decided due to the high level of hands on work for the delivery of baby tigger! baby tigger is coming! so soon! so remember to stay tuneD!nothing beats baby tigger!

everyday baby tt is busy shopping for stuffs and supervising workers to ensure they do what they promise! and its really a hard job!

with lots of love !

baby tt

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