Monday, May 18, 2009


dear all, sorry for missing in action for such a long time. coz baby tigger really is being tied up with alot of stuffs!

a quick update, baby tt is at the verge of having migraine, and is ubber busy with meeting up suppliers and customers. sighness! lots of AGM to attend!

I dont have enugg sleep! i need more sleep! donate some sleep to tigger by clicking on my adds! muackies!

looking on the greater side, babytt is going to krabi this thursday! wonderful! i just cant wait! promise to take lots of pics to blog about @

time has always been the driving element in life, and we often dont have enough time when we are doing important stuffs! but its life. i will sleep more in krabi! i like!

do visit if you have time! its a new website! muackies!

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