Sunday, July 12, 2009

can you lie to yourself and succeed?


Can you lie to yourself and succeed in life?

can you? can you?

let babytt tell you one or two cents of life.!

babyTT - you cant lie in life to succeed. You JUst cANT! if you lie to yourself everyday, and there will never be a truth in your life. everything is just at a denial stage and nothing seems to work when the lie is broken. when silence is release.

you can lie once in awhile, but never let is be a habit. With too much lies, your as good as digging a hole in your garden everytime u lie, and at the end of the day, u look back at the hole u DIG! and u'll find that its too far to be repaired anymore in terms of your life. nothing means anything anymore. AND how can u consider yourself successful???

YOU CANT! you idoit!

living a lie of a life, aint going to get you anywhere, it might work the first time, the second the third...but how long can it last? how long can it keep going?

till the day you fall, everything will be dead . GONE like the wind.

NOW COULD YOU SUCCEED IN THIS? in your own life? thats a no no..!

in order to succeed, never lie to yourself. your body is your temple on success. without that you are as good as the next person beside the road.

you need to be true to yourself, love yourself, care for yourself then try to CREATE a recognition in life. people will recognize you for your ability and performance.

then you are going up the life you always dream! work hard and things will fall in place for you.

being a successful person, ultimately is true to themselves, never lie to yourself and never cheat others with your lies. fabricate!

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