Wednesday, July 15, 2009


we are individuals that is always in a hurry of everything. since when can we as individuals stop from hurrying stuffs? we move too quickly in everything we do. too fast. life moving too fast. time is also moving too fast! time waits for no men. its freaking true.

many individuals only care for themself and nothing else, which is pretty bad and the ultimate game of this is that we dont really care about others. and when we do care about others, the other is not caring for us. we always give people the oppourtunity but do people respect the oppourtunity that we provide to them?

do we also get back oppourtunity from other? we always give people oppourtunity and do we get oppourtunity back? like me, i have always been waiting and waiting for oppourtunity but never seems to come. WHY??? why?? !

we give people but people dont give back! effing shitty!

where are the nice people, where are u ! where are people with oppourtunity!?!?! give me oppourtunity pleasE!

stop being selfish! be a market!and give!

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