Thursday, July 23, 2009

slumdog millionaire - KEY TO SUCCESS

just watch the movie on dvd... i know i know its a little too late to watch such a marvellous movie right?

i just watch it ok..due to the lack of time in the previous months. the movie is really interesting and heart throbbing! makes every kid in this world to wonder one day they will also be in a spot light for the million dollar question! wootS! and overnight turn millionaire! even better right!?!>

hah! DREAM on...and one day u might be in a spotlight for anything more than a million! so dont stop the dream. as Honda- THE POWER OF DREAMS- do makes sense right?

-=-=- lets get back to reality,- today is a nice day, coz i had a nice rest @ hommie and it feels great to be able to sleep without worries! sleeping is mama mia!-=-=-

what shall i have for food today? lets not talk about breakfast lunch or dinner, coz my meals are nowadays weird, coz there is no specific time for food. horr.. horr...
so now i just eat when i feel like eating, never bother about the specific food time "term".

anyway, we should each eat meals, as and when we feel like eating, and not just following the timeline of meals perday! thats nuts! coz we control our stomach! ho ho hor!

eat when we like, sleep when we like, do anything when we like. ! effing nice! we must know what to do every moment of our life and pre plan things we want to achieve right? the story of our life begins with YOU. ONLY you ..can make the changes in life. CHANGE IS ONE WORD WE MUST KNOW! AND KEEP IN THE MINDS! the mind is the key of success.

keep the key and u will be able to open the door of your dreams, its just a matter of time before u find the right door for you and your love ones! keep up the good job and stop whinning about ur daily daily puny life! GET IT!

get ur ass up from the couch and move it! fatty! move it! we need to move !!!!!!!!!WE CONTROL OUR DESTINY!

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