Thursday, July 02, 2009

summerset @ baby t cafe

been pretty busy lately coz of the business that i am handling at the moment. so thats why the blog is not really interesting anymore..due to the lack of time and sleep babytigger is having! serious! nowadays even when i sleep i dont feel like i am sleeping... coz i dont feel recharged! if u know what i mean! coz i really dont feel recharge! yoqimli! = pretty!

the things i see in life today is just simply weird...not much words can make sense of it. its just pictures and pictures...pieces of puzzle and not in sequence, so i find it hard to understand.

so many people these days are enjoying their daily daily life...coming and going hassle no worries! so sensational.. imiss the happy go lucky life! always smiling and smiling! now.... always frust frust! like an orange which turns sour! and plus salt kinda feeling! boo hoo!

can we sleep well tonight!

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