Sunday, July 26, 2009

Solving a problem before the next !

Problems seems to be coming into my life, every time there are new problems, before the old one is settle, the new one just keeps coming in.

can MR. Problem go away from me!>?

life is a problem in the first place, coz it gives us so many hardship to move from one point of life to the next. i am very sure everyone reading this, has his or her own problems in their daily life. But many seems happy "outside", but actually deeply sadden on the "inside".

babytt is now facing a deeper challenges in this path of life, a problem that can change babytt's life. the up way or the down way. so babytt is now still awake to find solutions to solve that problem before it gets toooo effing big!

from morning onwards today, i will be writing alot in my personal diary to find the solution in my life! and hopefully before time is gone, i can change it! changing is believing!

tata! amigos! babytt is in " PLANNING STAGE"

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