Monday, August 31, 2009

alpha women! how to be one great one

Attitude. Make people remember you. Be interesting. Coy. Disarming. Fun. Just don’t be predictable.

Step 2Confidence. As was said in one of the tips, walk in the room with “Hello World!” not “Hello, World?” Take your position. Claim it. Name it. Bring it Home.

Step 3Risk. Get in trouble every now and then. Do something that makes your heart race and leap. Breathe faster. Hold Your Breath. Yeah, go get it, whatever it is, and breathe a sigh of relief later.

Step 4Regret. You haven’t lived if you don’t have at least one thing you regret. So, you stole him from her but you are happily married. No, karma isn’t for everybody. So, you took the money. Oh well, it happens. So, you have a secret. Shhh. Don’t tell.

Step 5Passion. Live every moment, like your last is easier said than done. So, just live every last like it’s a moment. A fleeting passing moment that you relish every second of.

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