Tuesday, August 18, 2009

rainy day

looking out the window, staring at rain drops, feeling the cool breeze and the fresh air that rain gives! just "relax". one word one mood.

raining really does stop the pain of mental breakdowns, coz it just chills us within inside.

ah! i am waiting for things to happen and move the world within us. move baby move! one step closer each day, but one step harder each movement. the more we walk, the more obstacles in place for us. alot of steps to climb before we reach to a place we think we are done.

not so easy, not so soon. just waiting for time to come and dont give up. we need to stay strong, to fight the obstacles. just do it... nothing is impossible as we should think, as life is really very funny, just like a roller coaster! one moment up, one moment down.. and we need to stay focus on the dreams we want.

lets get a dreamcatcher!

love babytt

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