Thursday, August 13, 2009


salam...thursday is today and today is a day.

madness! nothing special yet again,just a normal day of the week, where by work is needed to be done.

just finish mopping the floor and clean the kitchen...and throw away alot of junk rubbish from the kitchen. just needed to do it! coz its really dirty! now clean clean di! happy!!

looking out the window, and the traffic seems slow, must the be effect of the "going home" feeling of the time of the day. 6.30now!

agak agak boring hari ini. kerana tiada apa apa amazing berlaku!

i think i am getting sick... flu flu di! sore throat and not 100% okay! maybe h1n1! muahahahaha!

another step is being in progress, another cycle of movement will be reveal soon!

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