Saturday, August 01, 2009

saturday night but not fever.

its saturday night but not saturday night fever!

many of my friends are having fun @ the heineken GReeen roooom PArty but but for me, i am here @ baby t cafe. the one and only place for entertainment. no other place for entertaintment you know what i mean? maammamaam

all the other guys are having great fun with tthe clubbing girls, but not for me! sighness! sighness! not for me.. felt so old nowadays, only know how to think about work work work. no fun and no relaxation in life.

just had a hair wash and hair treatment, and it feels fun... for that 45mins, the world for me stop. just only feeling the fingers running thru the hair and the massages that feels effing kewl! reallly! freakin kewl! i like it! i really like it.

the wonders of a hair wash!!

babytt loves you

muackies! thanks for the support on my blog!!! muackies!

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