Friday, August 21, 2009

PEdro from iran

straight from the heart, from posper @ south africa. a new fried i got.

he was telling me about our lifes. why do we need to be sad everytime? When the moment for sadness comes, just do things to make u happy again. when your sad, you tend to be depress, then depress u comes to stress, then after that you come to mad and crazy. so just change the moment and make yourself happy... u can go for a drive, u can go for a swim, eat, watch a movie, sing songs, chill with friends, and so many more things u can just do to make urself forget about the moment of saddness!!

so the power of smile and laughther really do helps!

Pedro is so fucking coool!!!! i love pedro! we need to learn from pedro, just be happy! and smile! we can move our day from a bad day to a happier day!

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