Monday, August 31, 2009

how to have a better life

step 1 Accept the truth that you only have a finite number of minutes on this Earth. Vow to respect and celebrate each one.

Step 2 Say yes to the things that excite and enliven you; say no to everything else.

Step 3 Stop seeing friends who make you feel depressed, confused, worried, anxious, exhausted or bad about yourself after you leave them.

Step 4 Unsubscribe to any email mailing list that you do not eagerly await.

Step 5 Aim for C's. Perfection is overrated and ambition is exhausting. Stop striving to rise above the crowd and instead assume a comfortable place as an average human being.

Step 6 Forgive all your mistakes, big and small.

Step 7 Take a breath or say a prayer before you eat anything.

Step 8 Walk around your block once a day and get to know your neighbors.

Step 9 Say what you mean and mean what you say. Choose your words carefully and bite your tongue when you get the urge to gossip, insult, yell or lie.

Step 10 Give yourself totally to the smallest of tasks. Whether shifting your car from first gear to second, unlocking your front door, pulling a bottle of lotion from the store shelves, listening to a friend talk or kissing your sweetie--be sure that you are completely yourself in every moment.

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