Wednesday, September 10, 2008

market selling fishes....

When I was young, I always taught that life was very easy and fun. When I am old, I realize that things out in this world are not simple at all. Almost everyday we have heartaches and downturn. Things don’t seem easy anymore. We have to face many different faces almost daily. Not everyone is pleasant nor give u their heart when they are talking/assisting you. People are just so Selfish, and no more “yee hei” as they Chinese say this is loyalty. No more brothers/sisters that would stand up for u at all cost. They will only be by your side if and only IF they have benefits to reap from you.

Evil as it may seem, the human race have been adapted to the idiotic environment, so that they them self don’t get hurt. But why cant we all just be friends that would help u at any point of time? And why don’t u help ur friends at every possible moment without thinking of any benefit in return.

I always believe, if u help someone today, be it ur friend, family or stranger, the good in helping will return back to you when u really need it. People from around the world that u don not know them, will come and help u back. It could be a complete stranger.

Try thinking hard, if there is incidents that people come and help u, without asking for anything in return? ? ? ? ? …. I’m sure there are people out there destined to lend u a helping hand when the time is right. So friends, why don’t u help more people and not hope for any benefits in return. Its always way better to be doing noble things, than Evil things to people around us.

Helping one today, would have save the guy from its misery. !

With lots of love,

why dont we all stop selling fish and start to buy fishes instead! selfish (SUCKS)

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