Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tawau, here i come

Here we go again...! off to Tawau tomorrow in the wee wee morning, coz i have to be @ tawau before 12noon. For the Honda Mobile road show! yeap yeap! we are coming over to Tawau! so peeps from tawau, Feel free to visit us @ our Mobile roadshow! geng geng geng!...

damnnnn.... have to fly off again..its another tired weekend i can feel it! the jet lag, the hot weather, the new society that i;ll be mixing with this weekend! and also not to mention, i heard its a scary place to visit! lots of Gangsters in Tawau.

Yikes! so better stay in hotel most of the time! to be safe! Today is thursday, and its september... haven feel that its any different from august yet. Sept is suppose to be a good month. we shall see..we shall pray...! cross fingers that "it" will come back by myside this month. i long for you.. where are u... why u left me and let me suffer in this missery! come back.. come back.. i beg BeG you..come back to my side.

*for those who know me personally, will know what i mean:"

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