Friday, September 19, 2008

Sandakan 2008 - the power of dreams

The time has come again to embark on another journey to the East! The worst part of this is there will be Sun! Rain! Insomnia! And also lots of other weird new customs that would be waiting for me there for 3days. Not being disrespectful, but people so far in Tawau are a lil different. Same goes to Labuan… 1st is because there are a lot of Philippines, Indonesian there. So ur own personal safety seems to be in danger during the night as they are a lil rascal…kinda.. Heard lots of stories about tawau, that those immigrant would rob u out of the blue… Kidnapped u … Molest u…. and even worst..lots of killings there. True to my own experience – coz we were walking over to mamak stall, some idiot Ass was driving a Proton Wira Grey Colour… just stop his car, wind down the window and Yell at us for no Good reason.. ! and threatens to “Belasah” us… but … then again, we were walking with our good co-workers whom are IBAN, Bidayu, bugis… so we weren’t scare at all.. coz our guys are good fighters!

I mean people there ..those Indonesian and Philippines are really rude!! U know, they are illegal immigrants in our country, but yet they think that they are in their own country! F*off.. this is our country…so shut the GOOOD up!

Because of people like them, our country’s safety has deteriorate.. I don’t mean all of them, there are civilized Philippines and Indonesians too.. but why cant the rest follow those whom are civilized???

Let me pay a visit to Sandakan later and see is there any differences! Wonder do they have anything interesting to do there…. ! OOOOOoooo Had massage last night too! Damn shiok again.. just loved the way they squeeze ur Head till ur brains feels like it just got Squash! Relaxes the inner mind of mine!

With lots of love.. babytigger…

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