Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random in my life. by Guru Tigger

So many things that is going on around our lifes today. Have u ever taken a step back and look forward? There are many things u might have slip out..coz we are always rushing in doing things, hence we forget who we are and why we are here doing all those things.

Have sometime to look about what u want tomorrow...next week...next month...next year...or maybe next 3 years. There are alot of things that we can achieve it, if we have our mind set towards achieving it. We might fail the first few times, but if u are keen on it....then give your best in trying to achieve things u taught u can never achieve or People who tells u that u can never get what u want in life.

Nothing is impossible, as Adidas uses it as their branding power. I can tell u that, there is nothing impossible in doing. When we do one task at a time, u will realise many obstacles are in the path of ur goal. But why give up and give in to the people or nature that tries to stop us from obtaining it?

This is one thing i have learn in my 23 years of my life, that there is nothing we cant do. All the things we do in since our birth in this world, is what we are today. So will be ever so successful, some will fail in all they do. But we need to be in a positive position in order to be someone better tomorrow. Everything that happens to YOU today, or yesterday or even years before are CAUSED by yourself. Try thinking about this, for example, people that smokes. No body force you to smoke...neither did anyone threaten to kill u if u dont smoke. Those people whom became a heavy smoker, have only THEMselves to blame.

So..if life sucks and its difficult. Why give in to the nature and people who disbelieve us? We always are and have been the only ONE that MOULD us to become who we are today. We can always change the way things are in our lifes. If things are Sucky now, why dont we try and relax...just to free the mind from all the negatives that is floating around us.. Change the negative energy to a positive one. YOU can start by changing things that we have done in the past that has prove us wrong. We can SHAPE our future into a better one. Just by believing in yourself + an action plan to kick start us from our lifes to be a better one in the comig future.

With a clear mind, our taughts will flow in naturally! CLear of all those sadness, hatred and negative energy!

-=-What we do today Echoes eternity-=-
Words of wisdom by Guru Tigger. GT!

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