Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Work- A - Ho-Lic = not so fun...

well its time of the year again, that we need to re-evaluate our useful life. ITs Amortization reasonableness test time! =)

COunt ur useful life, then minus the cost of u being hatched in this world. then less any disposal of ur body parts, and add back any additions u have made to ur body this year and then...................................HACK! whats this la! =)

actually its time for us to reflect on ourselves to see if we have gain or loss this current year of our life. Plus points got GAINS! and Big Slap if u have LOSS!

we need to constanly check on our reality and stop just depreciating without a proper Advantage purpose!alrighty_)

for example - AA works 30-31 days a month, he losses his time spending time with his family, loved ones, friends and pets. But he gain experience that money cant buy. Then again he will loses our in the entertainment that others are having , for instance going clubbing every weekend!, watching the latest movies, shopping, chilling, luxury of sleeping, and many more. But on the other hand, he save money by not spending on all those necessities, Plus he saves for the future!

If other people undserstand AA's reason for working all day long, they will remain as AA's best friends, and Family members would understand, and loved ones will compromise the luxury of those other entertaiment,.

OO...sorry.. today not enough sleep, i dont really know what i'm writing. coz really tired.. ! YES its PUBLIC HOLIDAY but i'm still here working my ass off coz of the tight deadline =)

Work to live, work for future, Fun can be done later part of ur life! Be sensible! =)

Stars are bright, sun is hot, thats the fact we cant change, but others in the sense of our life, we can change, its everchanging everyotherday. even every minute it changes. LEts change to a better life than depreciation in our own VALUE.

*Working @ starbucks now* damn sienx@ coz got caffe Latte Quad Shots!

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