Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stop and Stare..

Stop and Stare

sitting by the hotel window..staring outside the empty town of Sibu. From the 10th floor of Tanahmas Hotel ..u are able to see half the city from the window. Far across the window, u could see the River that circles around the town, the river water looks like so yellow! muddy!

Besides that, u can see alot of old buildings all around this view.nothing really, its like a ghost town.coz there aint many night outing to do here besides going to the Feng Tau clubs or finding for prostitutes.. so fullstop. nothing else u can do here. well then again, if i;m in kl, this time around also nothing much can be done, besides heading down to the local clubs or yam chaing with the pals! talking about my pals, its been awhile since i saw them, due to my hetic schedule around this month and for the coming months ahead.

Anyway to stay free from work but yet have money growing from my backyard?

There isnt such thing, anyway lets not be a SADDIST tonight! got comments for being overly sadist the past month in my blog writing.! lets talk about my hotel! my hotel is really beautiful, the bed is extremely comfortable! makes me want to sleep everytime i lay myself on the bed! wish my house was this comfortable! then i will go home everyday and sleep like a piggy!! (sipping to my heineken beer now) ooo..yam yam.. beeer! over the top this room! nice clean and comfortable! makes me feel like i;m home! dont make me feel like i;m living in a shit hole! trust me! recommend to all of u the next time u visit SIBU, please stay @ tanahmas hotel! about 200Plus a night! but its worth every penny! and also thanks to HONDA, this hotel is fully paid! woot! yes air ticket and hotel and also great food! all for FOC! thats life!

wish i that i'm invited for this type of luxury every weekend! so far the past 4 weekends all have been around sabah and sarawak! been to KUCHING, TAWAU, SANDAKAN, LABUAN and now final destination - SIBU! The power of Dreams!and all this brought to you by HONDA! thanks honda!million thanks.


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