Friday, December 12, 2008

back ..!

Been missing in the blog sphere for a number of days, ! coz I was really busy with my life in terms of working and also babysitting a few artists from italy and china! Boo! And I have been consuming alcohol almost every day, and its getting me more and more steady in terms of drinking alcohol, the tolerance level is increasing! And its been a nice 2 weeks of fun filling activities and its keeps up its beat till next year January 2009!

Oh.. been associating with a few new people in this Chivas tour, and managed to be a good acquaintance but there is still a lil miscommunication that we are having in terms of different idea in running a specific schematics. Other than that, its cool. People are being very nice in the recent days, and my Finger has finally been cured! I am so happy plus delighted that my finger is back to its normal senses. Hopefully the problem wont come back! Bah!

I see great opportunity in the coming near future, and I hope it manages to capitalized as it will determine who and what I am going to be in the next 2 years! So baby tiggers keeps its tail and paws Cross tight tight as its going to be a HELLofaRide!

Love baby tigger…

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