Friday, December 26, 2008

Where when how with?

where - Singapore
When - This morning
How- Drove there
with- My accord...

real nonsense! i am in singapore now! boo.. this morning i was still in Subang, then now i am having a cup of the "THE PERFECT CUP" coffee @ raffles link.

Trying their mocha and also the oreo cheese cake=) not too bad, but prefer starbucks to this..really... nothing really special.. with the caffe. but taught of trying someting new.=_)

We need to constantly do something out of the keep us sane!! oooh Merry Christmas to you.... thanks for reading my poosts! Well in singapore, the feeling of christmas is much warmer than kuala lumpur.. maybe peeps here are more towards the west culture kua.. its time for some walking around orchard road soon, and its pretty hard to smoke in singapore, coz everywhere is no smoking zones! my gawdD!!!

Sitting on a red chair coz its christmas!!! muahahah ho ho ho! a big fat santa on the chair now @ singapore, so xome and locate me then i'll give u a preszzie! =)

Even if we are unhappy, we should still stive to be happy. coz the least it could do is to make us happy!!


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