Saturday, December 13, 2008

christmas 2008

Christmas is coming to town! Everywhere you go nowadays u are able to feel the holiday season and the warm feeling of Christmas. Makes me feel extra happy when I hear Christmas music all around town! Jingle bells are rocking this time of the month. December! Which also marks the last month of the year 2008. A new year is about to make its entrance in less than 19 days more! Bells are ringing! Birds are chirping, people are laughing, and the best part of the end of the year are the Sales that is also going on concurrently with the festive season of love.

Are u all ready for your Christmas plans? And holiday plans? If u have not, u better do it sooon! As a lot of places are already fully booked! May it be restaurants, clubs and hotels!

Really is nice during Christmas, I think it’s the only holiday season that is fun here in Malaysia. Nothing beats Christmas spirit.! Not even Chinese new year, of deepavalli , or Hari Raya. Its just a day where all the people will be happie! No matter what races or background u come from, its just Great celebrating Christmas!

Get ur Christmas Prezzies ready too! It’s the time where we all exchange presents! Oooo also spend some time with your parents! They really do miss you and want to spend time with their children, so don’t just keep your mind busy with your friends ya! Or your boyfriends! Think about your mummy and daddy tooo! I know I am going to celebrate Christmas with my parents this year! For sure dinner! And please, its not coz I am still a lil child, but its coz I love my parents!

Merry early Christmas from Baby Tigger,


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