Tuesday, December 23, 2008

X mas is around the corner.

christmas is just 1 day away..and what are u all waiting for? its time to party! =) its party time! but the whole town is going to be in a stand still traffic.. Trust me in this! so why not just stay home this year and shake ur asses in your living room! =)

As for me this year, christmas isnt so much fun..its just another day. coz there is nothing there to do and i dont feel like doing anything.. I guess that is the most important part of this year christmas! i want to rest and zleep!

Nowadays i have slow down on my life journey, and i sleep more and i stay home more. I feel that life is actually much funner when you have time for yoour self, instead of always having the Action pack lifestyle. I get to hear things clearer, like the bird chirpping @ my window pane, the sound of air swirling aroung the ears. and the car that passes by... and i dont feel so agitated in myself recently. Letting things move around me and dont bother about anything else.

I think i start to find Peace. ( i might sound like a mad person in this blog but its all good i am alright and i am sane! dont worry)

SO soo so! Peaceful and calm is the best way to describe me now! i start to understand why things happen for a reason and why this and that is going around me.. so let me have my peace and i think i am loving it. coz i dont have to stress about so much, dont have to feel preassure so much and let things FLow naturally =)

-=-=- merry christmas peeps! -=-=-
with lots of peace from baby tigger.

(this post is pre written this afternoon...i guess by now i am already long gone zSleeping! )

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