Saturday, December 13, 2008

Italia italy italic.

Unpredictable is the way to go ! move every step of our path being unpredictable are actually better than moving in a very strict plan, coz this would enable us to do Freestyle, instead of just following the SOP- standard operating procedures! so at times we can surprise ourselves!

Its a nice weather day tonight. Cooling breeze all over my fur! *rarrrrrwwwr* i want to go gao gao chu = sleep! but currently i have my hands on a one month i guess itll be after that kua.. chiow bella!

Been hanging around with Dj david succi (italia) almost everyday..and i learn alot of italian language! chiow bella - your very beautiful! muahahahaha! we are now good buddies! nice guy!

*i like to move it move it!* tag of the day!

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