Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sleeping is the best medicine

I think all in all,sleeping is always the best medicine to any sickness and problems we human have. So lets all get to bed early this few days to cure , rejuvenate and relax in the easiest method created by GOD!

Baby tigger lost his confidence level this past months,and wants to find babytigger again, it is in the hidings, and i just cant find babytigger back! where did babytigger go.....anyone knows?

Lost as it may seem, its hard to get things back the way it was, this feeling of lost is creating a nuisance around babytigger. coz its one real heck of a down beat in life, we all need to have that piece of confidence in ourselves as it is the only available tool to get us moving in our life.

I just cant wait to do a redemption on babytigger! and i need it soon! before all things break offs! and by then it will be too late to be sorry about!

babytigger * Lost in translation *

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